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KSD Agro's Straw Mulcher is the perfect agriculture machine to carry out the process of mulching fast and effectively. It is specially designed to shred all the crop residue left after harvesting into soil-friendly small pieces, enhancing the fertility and productivity of the soil. KSD tractor mulchers are available at the most economical mulcher prices in India. Call now to get a quote.

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What is a mulcher?

A mulcher is agricultural equipment used for the process of Mulching. Mulching is the process through which farmers can cover the soil by turning the crops into finer particles helping in the blending of microorganisms. A Mulcher is also known by the name: rotary mulcher or tractor mulcher. It is designed specifically to chop dead leaves, twigs, plants, and usable yard wastes. If you are looking to buy a premium quality mulcher in India, then KSD mulchers are the best mulchers for your farming needs.

About KSD Rotary Mulcher: 

KSD rotary mulcher is designed in the most efficient manner to be used for mulching. We have designed our mulchers specifically for the straw mulching process. We assure the quality of our mulchers with the efficient functioning of the machinery. Our main aim is to produce consistent, economical, and competitive quality machines.

We believe in providing competitive Rotary mulcher to our clients. Our firm has the most comprehensive infrastructure to build the best quality tractor mulchers in India. KSD Agro is a well-equipped firm that contains all the technology to manufacture tractor mulchers at a much reasonable mulcher price. 

KSD mulcher price and specifications:

KSD offers a much reasonable mulcher price as compared to other mulcher manufacturers in India. In the agriculture industry, the mulcher price is not fixed and may change according to market trends. However, KSD guarantees the most affordable price as per the market conditions.

The specifications of the KSD Rotary Mulcher are: 

Overall width: ~1780mm
The working width: ~1500mm
Height: ~1050mm
Input HP: 50-60HP
No. of Flange: 18
Hitch category: 3 point
No. of Blade: 36
PTO Speed (RPM): 540
Gearbox: Single-speed
Weight: ~600KG

How to buy our KSD Mulcher?

To get a quote about the exact prices and features of our KSD mulcher, clients can contact us directly by dialing our number: 9814000139, or you can drop us a mail at ksdagro@yahoo.com. Also, you can enquire about our other premium products such as rotary tillers and super seeders

For more info about our company, visit the link here: KSD Agro.




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