KSD Super seeder

Product Code #PRO_00554

KSD Super Seeder is a powerful seed drill machine that helps in fast and effective seeding operations in farming.

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Packing 1(PCS)
Delivery Time 10-15 working days
Product Related to Seeding/Seed Drill/Seed Drill
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Quick Details


  • No need to burn Paddy stub, environment & health Friendly.
  • It has a unique tine Design.
  • Can be used as a multi-crop planter.
  • Wire embedded transparent PVC pipe.
  • Safety Cover on all the moving parts.
  • Farmer has no need to buy a Rotary tiller separatory.
Technical Specification
Model KSD  
Working Width 1740              
Tractor Power(HP) 50 & Above         
Number Of Blades 54
Types Of Blade LJF Type
Thickness Of Blade (mm) 7-8                               
GearBox Multispeed,11:22/13:23
Side Drive                           Gear Drive 20:35:28/21:36:26
Seed fertilizer Mechanism Aluminium Fluted Roller Type
Press Roller Available
No. Of Tynes 10
Weight (KG Approx.) 875
Overall Dimension 540
Length*Width*Height 1530*2145*1350

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10-15 working days